Mahmood Family Statement Regarding the Apology from Daily Mail & Katie Hopkins

Below is the statement from my brother Zahid Mahmood and his family:

“I would like to begin by thanking both Adam and lawrence at Carter Ruck who have worked endlessly and with great passion on our behalf and enabled us to finally put the distress of last year behind us.

We would like to accept Katie Hopkins apology tweet and online apology from the Daily Mail.

This past year for us as a family has been extremely testing but I would like to say we are blessed to have such lovely friends and family whom along with the general public have supported us with their kind and encouraging words and advice.

Our local community and local MP have made a sterling effort in tacking Islamophobia. The dangers of targeting Muslim families and racially profiling them at airports under sch 7 and Prevent will further alienate communities which will only do more harm than good.

Our faith teaches us to forgive and to stand up for injustice and it is that same faith that we find is always being dragged through the mud by people who do not understand the TRUE meaning of Islam.

My faith is important to me, it defines me as a person and is constantly is making me strive to be a better human.
YES I am a Muslim but NO I’m not a terrorist. My children are kids just like yours…my family just like yours.

I have a humble request to all please don’t judge all Muslims on the actions of a few.

Our prophet taught us to forgive those who wrong us and to see the good in everyone, so I there for would like to say I Zahid Mahmood and my wife and family would like to accept Katie Hopkins apology and draw a line under this matter.

I know alot of people are making vile comments about her, but please refrain and forgive her for her actions. She may one day reflect and become a better human being. As far as we are concerned she has apologised and we have welcomed it”



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